About Dr. Chris... 

While in practice, Dr. Chris became certified in the advanced study of whiplash injuries and also became the designated chiropractor for the Atlanta Falcons practice facility. Later, she worked as both a Practice Consultant and Director for nine years. During this time she also obtained her Associates Degree in Theology.  

Her advanced certification in the technique of Quantum Nutrition Testing came as a result of  wanting to help friends and family naturally with their health, understanding that traditional  models may not always be the right answer. Realizing the impact and effectiveness of this  technique, she decided to bring it into holistic practicing to help as many as possible.

 Understanding the fact that we are not just "bodies" but beings of mind, body and spirit, she has also become a Certified Practitioner for the Emotion Code technique. She is also actively pursuing certifications in the Body Code technique as well as Quantum Nutrition Testing for Pets.   With social media outreach, clients from all over the world have been helped through quantum testing. She also works closely with one of the largest wellness clinics in the world.